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White Noise Sleep Instrument Baby Adult Relaxation Home


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                  White noise sleeper function:
                  — Insomnia is a very painful thing. Short-term insomnia can make people feel depressed. Long-term insomnia can cause physical and mental harm. Use this product before going to sleep to create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment, so that you can go to sleep more quickly and improve your sleep quality.

                   * High-fidelity music chip, special speaker, pure sound quality, natural sound is perfect.

                   * The product has an amber night light, which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere at night.

                   * Dedicated timer to provide you with timed shutdown control. Optional automatic shutdown after 30min, 60min, energy saving and environmental protection.
                   * The product comes with a headphone jack, which is convenient for you to use in a public environment such as the terminal/office, and will not interfere with others.
                   * The product size is only 64.5×47.5*37mm, which is light and portable. Provide good sleep protection for your unfamiliar living environment when traveling/traveling/visiting relatives.

                   * Built-in 6 white noise music: white noise, rain, wind, water, birds, night. In addition, it is equipped with a TF card expansion slot for loading your favorite songs. (Maximum support for 32GB TF card, the product does not ship with TF card).


                  Model: M2000
                  Main material: ABS+SUS304
                  Color: Black
                  Automatic timing selection: 30, 60 minutes
                  Battery model: BL-5B battery (nominal 550mA, actual capacity 600mA)
                  Working voltage: DC 5V 300mA
                  White noise power: 2W
                  White noise horn caliber: 40m
                  Product size: 64.5×47.5x37mm
                  Product weight: about 79 grams
                  Applicable people: people with sleep disorders, infants and young children

                  Package Included:

                  1 x M2000 Sleep Instrument
                  1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
                  1 x English manual