Nouveau Upgraded Version 3D Light Cube Kit 8x8x8 Blue LED MP3 Music Spectrum DIY Electronic Kit With 3W Amplifier+3W Speaker


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Upgraded Version 3D Light Cube Kit 8x8x8 Blue LED MP3 Music Spectrum DIY Electronic Kit With 3W Amplifier+3W Speaker


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                  1. This product does not include housing!! if you need the housing, please purchased separately (Product ID: 1247731).
                  2. This is a DIY kit, you need to have some knowledge of electronics and ability.
                  3. Need a lot of soldering, you should have enough patience.
                  4. 8x8x8 blue lights display version.
                  5. APP function only supports Android
                  6. File: Click here to open

                  The backplane consists of a circuit board and component parts, which require to solder it yourself. 
                  512 pcs blue LED lights form a square three-dimensional space. 
                  With expanding wifi module, cell phone wireless connection the cube, exclusive APP control operation.
                  Expanding the Bluetooth music module, the built-in MP3 music function jumps with the music rhythm and presents a very beautiful effect. (Viewing better at night).
                  Input voltage: 5V
                  Current: 1A-2A (2A effect is better because of the LED driver chip is APM4953)
                  Power: 5V phone charger power supply
                  Circuit board material 1.6 mm RF-4 plate
                  PCB board size: 150 x 150mm
                  APP version functions: (support for Android only)
                  1. Built-in 3W Amplifier+3W speaker
                  2. Can plug TF memory card to play music
                  3. Through U disk to play music
                  4. Through the audio cable input and output music.
                  5. Built-in MP3 music volume adjustable
                  6. Built-in music can control Previous and next by button
                  7. Built-in 45 kinds of offline cool animation (power to run the animation)
                  8. Built-in 15 kinds of offline dynamic audio animation (with music dancing)
                  9. 3 D8 PC mode (control animation, which can control lights display)
                  10. 3 D8 PC music mode
                  11. Infrared remote control (long distance remote control)
                  12. Night/day control model
                  13. PWM breathing light mode
                  14. Boot motherboard test mode
                  15. 15 level animation speed adjustment
                  16. Brightness adjustment of 10 level
                  17. Change word by the phone (32 patterns, 45 letters)
                  18. Mobile PC
                  After the phone connected to the product wifi, you can use the exclusive APP (light cube APP) software to operate. The wifi module has been carefully PCB design and debugging, straight line transmission distance up to 10-20 meters.
                  Circuit design:
                  IAP12C5A60S2 + 74HC595 + APM4953 + WIFI + Infrared remote control
                  1. The integrated IAP12C5A60S2 high-speed 1T microcontroller
                  2. 5A high current MOS tube driver chip (to solve the uneven brightness)
                  3. High-speed scanning chip and serial control cascade chip
                  4. Use WIFI APP Android software control
                  5. Infrared remote control (Easy to control)

                  Package included:

                  1 x DIY 3D Light cube Kit