Nouveau 6000W Solar Power Inverter DC 12/24V to AC 110V LED Modified Sine Wave Converter


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6000W Solar Power Inverter DC 12/24V to AC 110V LED Modified Sine Wave Converter


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                  – Type: 12V to 110V, 24V to 110V 
                  – Color: Blue
                  – Material: Aluminium alloy
                  – Peak power: 6000W
                  – Continuous power: 3000W
                  – Digital display: Input / output voltage
                  – Input voltage: DC 12V/ 24V
                  – Output voltage: AC 220V
                  – Plug: 3x Universal plug
                  – USB output: 5VDC-2.1A/ 1A/ 2.4A/ 1A (4USB interface)
                  – Conversion efficiency: greater than 90%
                  – Wave form: Modified Sine Wave
                  – Scope of application: Household electrical appliances, etc.

                  – Shockproof function
                  – Overvoltage protection function
                  – Overload protection function
                  – Over current protection function
                  – Over temperature protection function
                  – Short circuit protection function
                  – Input/ Output voltage display function
                  – Keep your devices and car safe
                  – 3 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports
                  – Built-in cooling fan for span life and safety use
                  – Smart size, light and compatible, lower noise and no pollution
                  – Ideal for powering smartphones, laptop, tablets, GPS units, TV, battery chargers, DVD players, MP3 players, camping equipment and mobile office equipment, field lighting etc.

                  Package Included:
                  – 1 x Solar Inverter
                  – 1 Pair of Cable With Clamp
                  – 1 x English User Manual