Nouveau 1080P FHD WiFi Mini Car DVR Dash Cam Rear Camera Video Loop Recording Recorder APP


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1080P FHD WiFi Mini Car DVR Dash Cam Rear Camera Video Loop Recording Recorder APP


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                  Wireless Wifi connection: Watch and download videos and photos on the mobile app, APP supports Android and IOS. Note: If your phone is an IOS system, you can't download the video file to save it on your phone. The video file will be saved to the TF card. You can watch the video on the phone's app and use the memory card reader to read the video.
                  Parking monitoring: When the car is parked, recording is still in progress to improve safety.
                  1290PX1080P Full HD video: Resolution HD images and video screens, recording traffic accidents and other accidents, anti-theft, car damage and more.
                  170 degree wide angle: With a wide angle of 140°, the viewing range covers up to 3 lanes for a wider view.
                  Loop recording: Loop the video and watch the video at any time. Automatically delete old video files.
                  Night vision: The video quality at night is clear, with infrared filters, better and clearer.
                  360 degree rotation: With a swivel design, it can record the front view and rotate the car.
                  Collision induction: Built-in gravity sensor, when an emergency brake is detected or a collision occurs, the collision video will be automatically locked, and the loop recording will not be overwritten to restore the scene of the accident. Can be viewed through the app or downloaded from a mobile phone.

                  Model Number: A64390
                  Product Name: Car driving recorder
                  Material: ABS+PP+PC
                  Color: Black
                  Size: 93*42*28mm
                  Installation location: Car windshield
                  Quantity: 1 Set
                  Memory card: TF card
                  Shooting angle: 170 degree
                  Pixel: 5 million
                  Data storage capacity: Maximum support 32G (excluding 32G)
                  Data storage time: loop
                  Data transmission interface: USB
                  Transmission rate: 5W
                  Voltage: 12V
                  Power: 1A
                  Rated current: 1A
                  Standby current: 6-12MA
                  Working current: 180MA-220MA
                  Supply voltage: 6-25V
                  Night Vision: Support
                  Android: Support
                  IOS: Support
                  Wifi: Support
                  Video capture: 1920X1080P
                  Loop Recording: 1Min/2Min/3Min
                  Photo format: JPG
                  Video format: AVI
                  Photo video compression method: G.264
                  Working environment temperature: -20 ° C -80 ° C
                  Ambient humidity: 15-85% RH

                  Package Included:
                  1 X Car Driving Recorder
                  1 X Car Charger Cable
                  1 X English Manual